The purpose of WeCare is to identify children in need and at risk who might not qualify or will not apply for conventional public assistance or financial aid. Once identified, we will assist these children and their families through non-conventional methods in order to preserve their dignity and pride. All applicants are screened through a service to ensure duplications are eliminated, while not 100% effective, our last check indicated that less than 2% were not identified. We pledge that all monies collected will be utilized solely for this purpose.


Over 40 years ago, WE CARE began trying to address the needs of Gainesville and Hall County elementary school children whose families did not qualify, or were too proud to accept, public assistance.

We are proud to help the families of those who are desperately attempting to help themselves. We stay “under the radar” by relying on our school counselors and educators expertise to follow the guideline and criteria our Board set for those who do NOT receive any other assistance.
In 2016, we were able to help 478 children.

We provide items throughout the year, from glasses, hearing aids, and medicines to warm coats and clothing.

At Christmas time we try to provide at least two outfits of clothing, one pair of shoes and toys for each child from the lists our counselors provide us. We feel this process enables us to address needs of those most in need and that your kind contributions impact.

As one school Counselor stated, “WE CARE not only provides material things, it gives these children HOPE”. We cannot thank you enough for your support of WE CARE and the children in the community we serve. 


All donations go through the North Georgia Community Foundation.
Under designation, please select other, then write “We Care Hall”.
Thank you so much for your contribution!



(770) 609-4897




615 S. Oak St., Suite 1300
Gainesville, GA 30501

Board Members & Sponsors Thank You For Your Support


Jan Cobb

Lisa Warwick

Joyce Stephens

D.J. Cambell, Gene Cobb,
Cindy Gay, Jack Frost,
Taylor Kizziah, Doug McMahon,
Jim Pollan, Jim A. Walters,
Jackie Slaughter, Philip Wiheit, Sr.,
Michele Piucci, Todd Slaughter, 
and Gail Hough


LUNA’S, Juan Luna

City Church

St. Luke’s Church


Lakeview Academy

All Board Members


M/M Jeff Gay & Jeffery Gay Memorial
Cobb Holdings, Gene & Jan Cobb
M/M Doug McMahon
Memorial Park Funeral Homes, Jack Frost
M/M Tom Mundy
Wal-Mart, Charles Holley
Walters Mgmt., M/M Jim Walters
USA Production, Dick & Pam Treadwell
McDonald’s NEG, Robert & Wanda Swoszowski
Milton Martin Honda, Butch Miller
Grace Episcopal Church, Surgery Center
David Chester, Arden & Jean Hothem,
Gail & Jack Hough, Doyle & Janice Kelly,
Steven & Julie Broxk, Mark Hurst,
James Harrison, Roy Moore FDN.,
Jim & Diana Latimer, Tony & Cathy Herdener,
Tim Adder Holt



          We Care Board & Sponsors + Lakeview Academy + Saint Luke Church & Friends = 478.

          Another Christmas miracle complete, with neither fanfare nor publicity. For the 36th year, the We Care Board raised the funds necessary to finance this effort. Our sponsors responded generously enough to enable us to buy gifts for 478 elementary-school children in our City and County schools. We spent an average of $73 per child and filled their bag with two outfits (pants and shirts), socks, underwear and a toy. Preparations began in October. Labels were printed, shopping was organized, arrangements with WalMart were completed. Coordination of the purchase, labeling, packing and delivery is done by a representative from Saint Luke Church.

          The We Care Board would like to thank every one involved in this great event. The Board Members for their time, attitude and resources; our sponsors for their generous donations of which 100% was spent on the children; Lake- view Academy for their untiring efforts gathering and delivering more than 450 toys; Saint Luke Church members and friends in the AA community for coordination and making it all happen. Merry Christmas to all!!